Labour of love


On Labour Day, May 1, we headed out brimming with anticipation of the fun activities ahead. We had racked our brains so hard when we were planning what to do two days earlier. And we came up with a few suggestions but they were either too last-minute, no vacancy left or too time-consuming.

Our criteria were that the activities had to be in an air-conditioned area, not crowded and fun. She suggested knitting classes, baking and cooking while I thought a one-day hotel getaway would be fun. We could enjoy the clean amenities, sleep and feast our day away in a cool environment. But she wasn’t too keen on it. Then I hit upon a brainwave: we could go painting, have lunch and play games at a cafe, followed by dinner.

And so here’s the result of our labour after three hours of intense concentration. I painted Uncle Vincent’s Cafe Terrace at Night (pictured above) while she painted a popular Japanese character (below). And they are damn good replicas of the real pieces if I may say so myself. Ha!

While she said my painting was too abstract for her liking, I thought it’d look really great on the wall of my future house. Heh.

Anyway, I really really like her artwork. The little girl reminded me of a younger her with two little plaits and the pouting posture. I love how she painted her eyes too. Big, round and so full of emotions like a pretty anime character. (Also because she listened to my suggestion to put some white in her eyes, hehehe!)

Best of all, she has this secretive and almost cheeky smile that makes her look so adorable that I wanted to grab her face IRL and give her Boon Tiong kisses all over. You tell me, how to resist a face like that?



Lorax made me LOL

I watched the movie The Lorax by Dr Seuss yesterday and it gave me such a feel-good vibe that I watched all its trailers and featurettes on YouTube the whole of today, which made me smile all over again.

I was laughing out loud and giggling throughout the entire animated film, along with many others in the audience. We all laughed, went “awwww” at the touching scenes (and some probably even sniffed), tapped our feet at the catchy tunes, “grrr” at the villain in unison and finally cheered when a happy ending was in sight.

The movie poster said it was 126 minutes long but honestly it felt like only 15 minutes had passed. It was so enjoyable that we were disappointed when it ended because we wanted the movie to go on for a bit longer. It was indeed a brilliant reenactment of a Dr Seuss classic. I even stayed till the end of the credits, hoping that there would be some extended scenes.

You would have felt the same way if you had seen the bears (which were a crowd favourite). Look at them go “ooooh” and keep an eye on that cute fish in the right corner.


And Pipsqueak grinning with a mouthful of marshmallows.


The fishes were my favourite comedic elements though. They could sing and dance and even crow like the rooster in the morning.


More importantly, their expressions looked so adorable, innocent and “high” that they reminded me of someone’s facial expressions when she danced in a carefree “tao zui” manner. So happy that even Madonna copied her dance moves.


Another thing that fascinated me was Ted’s hair. It looked exactly like my bowl cut. I kid you not. From its individually coiffed strands and bowl-like shape, I thought I was seeing myself onscreen.


Right? Hahaha! So this is how I’d look if I were a cartoon. Oh, and the mule in the movie (not pictured here) looked exactly like my dog.


And so I’m going to watch this video again.

By the way, the book/movie ended with this quote, which could apply to many situations in our lives and the world in general.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. — Dr Seuss

[Images via YouTube and The Lorax official trailers]


Laughing at Becks

I had so much fun laughing at David Beckham that I want to share this video with you. It’ll be worth every bit of those four minutes of your life to watch how Ellen DeGeneres (she’s one cool gay chick!) bullies Becks into doing silly things.

My face is still red and hot from laughing so much. I think I shall watch it again.


Laughing at Becks

I had so much fun laughing at David Beckham that I want to share this video with you. It’ll be worth every bit of those four minutes of your life to watch how Ellen DeGeneres (she’s one cool gay chick!) bullies Becks into doing silly things.

My face is still red and hot from laughing so much. I think I shall watch it again.


Flying ninja stars


I had a wonderful evening in class today. First, we got to work in teams to create an item that would house and protect an egg from breaking when we threw it from the ceiling. Trust me, it was not easy when there are six people trying to weigh in with their opinions and settle on an idea and turn that into reality within 20 minutes. But it was fun to feel included and useful after such a long time.

Side note: Our idea consisted of using balloons to surround the egg as a protective shell. I never knew blowing a balloon was so damn difficult. For the first five minutes, I was essentially spitting saliva into the balloon. I don’t think I will be giving anyone balloons as a gift anytime soon.

Ok back to the main story. So we all got to put an egg into our “artwork” and drop it off the ceiling. A sense of trepidation spread through the crowd. We all half-wanted the egg to not break and yet we were nervously excited to see an eggy mess on the floor. By the time the last team threw their project on the floor, we were cheering on for every single egg that emerged unscathed from their short flight. Out of 12 contenders, only five survived the fall.

But really, what made me behaved like a giggly kid all over again was seeing the paper ninja stars (pictured above) in class. Someone had made the exact replica of the ninja stars I used to lovingly make when I was five years old. I’d make a bunch of them with square coloured papers (something that you don’t see in stationery shops these days) and start carrying a stack of multicoloured ninja stars around pretending to throw them like how a ninja would. They were my favourite toys.

Then one day, I grew up and like how most adults treat toys, I stopped playing with my ninja stars and soon I forgot how to make them. Over the years, I have always wanted to recreate them but I never remember the right ways to fold the paper. Until tonight.


Stuck in a moment

Few nights ago, I was putting on my green polo tee shirt after a shower when my head got stuck under the collar. I burst out giggling when I realised the tee was buttoned up. It reminded me of the random things that made our faces sore, our tummies ached from laughing too hard.

There was one night (quite a few nights actually) when we finally decided to change into pyjamas after chatting on my bed for the longest time. I passed her the green polo tee which is her regular sleepwear whenever she comes over. Her eyes were half closed and she was falling asleep sitting on the edge of the bed. So she sleepily put the polo tee over and paused.

“Huh? What happened? Why like that?”

And I burst out laughing. Her arms were sticking out through the sleeve-holes while her head remained trapped under the collar. She started making weeping baby noises, trying to pull the shirt down.

And I laughed even harder as she struggled to free the buttons on the tee blindly with her head under the polo tee. It was like the Headless Rider in Sleepy Hollow in a comedy but the prettier and more adorable version.

When I finally stopped laughing enough to help her unbutton the collar, she looked up. Her eyes were still half closed, her face was still in a sleepy daze and without warning, she stretched out to whack me on my side. “HUMPF!!!”

Shocked, I hit her back and sprung backwards immediately. Just in time too. Her arm were outstretched in that split second, all ready to give me a sound beating. Naturally, I have to start gloating. With a jiggle of my butt. “HA! You missed!!”

And we started chasing each other around the room, trying to hit each other without getting smacked in return.

Her arms were naturally longer and stronger than mine so when she finally pinned my arms back, I couldn’t retaliate no matter how much I struggled. Until a lightbulb flashed above my head. And I swiftly aimed a kick at her thigh. Which shocked her and caused another frenzy round of us hitting and now kicking each other furiously while laughing and screaming like energetic children at a playground in summer.


“Who said you can kick me?”

“You stop hitting me back!”

“No, you stop it ah!”

“Let go!”

“Ok ok, now we are fair!”

“NO! If you say it’s fair, that means it is not fair. I have to hit you one more time, ’cause it means you have hit me two extra times.”

Few more hits and kicks later. More laughter and running around.

“Now we are fair.”

“NO! According to you, when you say ‘it’s fair’, it means it’s not fair!”

It was amazing how we’d eventually stop at a truce. Well, we kinda have to pause because we would be exhausted, panting for breath and trying to recover from the “physical” activity.

If you are not fond of regular exercise, you should try chasing your partner around a small room. Works just as well in getting your heart rate up which will burn calories and fats.

While recovering, she would be on the bed and I would be standing beside the bed and we would gingerly scrutinise the red patches of damage on our arms and legs and pointing them out with shrill voices.

“You see! All red!”

“It is paining.”

Plus, she is fairer than me so the red marks tend to be more obvious and redder as well. My heart would melt whenever I see her face scrounged up in a pout.

I’d hold her close to me and tenderly kiss all the red marks I could see and rub her arms soothingly. Then we’d lie in bed in each other’s arms, forgetting about our pyjamas for a brief moment.

Because in that moment in time, the whole world may have continued spinning on its axis, but for us, time has stood still, leaving just us in our own world, enjoying each other’s presence in those quiet moments.

Those were some of the best times of our lives.

Oh and if you think getting stuck under the polo tee was adorably funny, wait till you hear about our “wearing boobies correctly in the bra” and her “arm pits shing” theories. Stay tuned for more.