50 things you should know in 2010

Especially since these are things we didn’t know this time last year. Which obviously isn’t wise for mankind. Because information is power. Or was it knowledge? Either way, arming yourself with these bits of interesting info would do no more harm to your brain than what the increasing levels of environmental pollutants are doing to your body. Who knows, they might just save your life one day. Joking. No, I am not. Yes, I am. No. Yes.

2. Grumpy people think more clearly because negative moods trigger more attentive, careful thinking. – I see morning grumpiness catching on quickly soon enough.

10. Surfing the Internet may help delay dementia because it creates stimulation that exercises portions of the brain. – Surfing is the new mahjong-playing.

15. The higher a patient’s body-mass index, the less respect he or she gets from doctors. – I knew it!! That’s why there aren’t many fat doctors around.

18. The eyes of the mantis shrimp possess a feature that could make DVDs and CDs perform better. By emulating this structure, which displays color wavelengths at all ranges, developers could create a new category of optical devices. – I want.

19. The calmest place on Earth is on top of an icy plateau in Antarctica known as Ridge A, several hundred miles from the South Pole. It is so still that stars do not twinkle in the sky because there is no turbulence in the atmosphere to distort the light. – This could be my new happy place.

30. If you’re trying to attract a partner, an athletic body helps, but a good-looking face is more important. – You don’t say…

31. Cockroaches hold their breath for five to seven minutes at a time through a respiratory system that delivers oxygen directly to cells from air-filled tubes. One reason they hold their breath may be to prevent their bodies from getting too much oxygen, which could be toxic to them. – Are you getting the feeling that they are like demons? The only way to kill them off completely is lopping their heads off.

37. Differences in body odors produced by people who are more prone to insect bites show they have lower levels of fruity-smelling compounds in their sweat than those who are resistant to mosquitoes. – So telling someone with numerous mosquito bites “They bit you because you taste sweet” is technically right?

Who knows what other weird and equally interesting revelations we’re going to discover this year? Like a famous proverb commonly found on touristy tees from Thailand or Cambodia, “Same same but different.” I can’t wait.



One year gone and The Imaginarator’s 2009 list

I had my heart broken for the longest time in 2009. I’ve also lost a few friends but picked up some awesome new ones along the way. I smashed the car badly and paid a hefty fine. I found my inner geek. I conquered bits of Southeast Asia with a bunch of mates. I realised I can get over a heartbreak by the same person twice and I don’t need other people to make me happy. I got better at churning out 3,000 words monthly. I kissed someone really hot. I signed up and went for gym classes religiously for two months running. I scaled up an artificial hill without losing my nerve halfway. I love the geeky items I got for my birthday. I gave myself one of the best birthday/X’mas gifts ever – an iPhone which I’ve been referring it as my lover. You don’t want to know.

But I know it’s the time of the year where people like reading lists so here goes:

Honourary mentions for all the movies (the ones that I can recall) I’ve watched in 2009: Yes Man, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Confessions of a Shopaholic, I love you man, Monsters vs Aliens, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past, Star Trek, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Terminator Salvation, Up, The Hangover, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, Inglourious Basterds, Pandoram, Pink, Whiskey with Vodka, 2012, Planet 51, Avatar, New Moon.

Best movie I’ve seen this year: I can’t decide, so I’m just going to go with Zombieland since it was the last memorably hilarious flick I saw. Although The Hangover comes a second close.

Worst movie I’ve seen this year: I’m torn three-way between Transformers, Pandorum and 2012.

Best book I read this year: You probably won’t believe this, but I haven’t picked up a book to read once this year. I bought one though.

Best defining song I’ve heard this year and was to be my soundtrack at work ever since: No Ordinary Morning by Chicane

Bands I had no idea how much I’d love until I’ve heard them: The Weepies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Song that never failed to give me goosebumps: “Pray” performed by Take That in their Beautiful World Tour in Manchester, UK.

Worst months this year: January all the way to September and a little bit of October

Best month this year: December

Second best month this year: A tie between May and October

Best kiss I’ve received this year: It was on 29 October but since there are still several hours left in the year… You never know.

I managed to keep the one resolution I unknowingly made this year: That is to attain a body weight of only 50kg. I haven’t stopped drinking or smoking. I think my number one resolution for 2010 would be to maintain an upright posture whether standing or sitting because I’m kinda sick of people questioning my 168cm self. Unbelievable, I know.

I should also start getting sufficient sleep every night. Visit the gym and gain some ab definition so I can finally stop bringing my navel to my spine when I meet someone new. I should also start dating people who have less emotional baggage onboard.

All in all, I think I matured slightly this year. As I grew a year older, I’ve realised that I have a much higher capacity for emotional pain, clutter and hanging out in a larger group of people than I am used to.

In 2010, I’ll work on not getting my heart broken and updating both my blog and diary, which was an expected gift from J, every day, even if all I did was sleep through the weekend and no one’s going to be overwhelmed by reading about that. And finally, let go of the things that don’t matter and live in the moment because life’s too short to stay unhappy. If that’s not growing up, I don’t know what is.

Happy New Year, y’all. See you when I’m sober.


Top ten birthday and holiday gifts for me

So it’s been a while since I dusted the cobwebs off here. In my defence, I was busy having a life, hence the blog hiatus. Which technically is the truth since I haven’t been home at regular hours ever since I signed up for gym classes last month. Yes. I hear you gasp and your thought bubble went something like “Gym + Me = never happening / (or if you’re American) NO WAY.” I know.

Well, if it makes you feel better, my appetite has grown exponentially with the number of times I head down to the gym. Increased appetite = Weight gain by a hell lot. I swear all weighing machines lie. Anyway, there are classes for yoga, pilates, steps, taichi and body combat (which I love oh-so-dearly because the instructor makes you yelp “Hoi hoi hoi” as if you are indeed a mean killing machine. Which I am obviously), and of course, the lovely treadmill. How anyone could bear to run on it for 20 minutes staring at essentially nothing in front of them twists my head in. Until I tried it for myself. And I realised staring at the little stat box which shows how much calories you are burning with every step you take is rather hypnotic. Huff huff huff. One calorie burned. Huff huff huff. Two calories burned and you get the drift.

Oh and my birthday is coming around in 10 days’ time. While I have yet felt the rush of excitement and that tingling sensation ever since I was a child, I kinda like thinking about what others can possibly get for me. Even if they don’t read this. Ha.

I’m a hybrid of geekiness, gadgets, practicality and cleanliness freak with a dash of retro chic so for those of you who’d like to marry or be with someone like me someday, start taking notes.

1) The entire Discworld series by my number one favourite author of all time Terry Pratchett.

My ideal bookshelf

2) Otherwise, the latest book by him would do just nicely – Unseen Academicals.

3) Sennheiser CX300 In-Ear Earphones (black) or SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones (black)

4) Handheld / travel clothes steamer (because my wrinkly shirts are crying for help and I hate ironing)

5) Handheld vacuum cleaner

6) Mini espresso machine

7) A desk fan which is compact yet powerful and chic. Obviously.

8) A Nalgene water bottle and if possible, a tee shirt for it.

9) a portable DVD player so I can finally watch my shows on the flatscreen TV

10) Two DVDs – Say Anything (because I’m a sappy love fool at heart) and High Fidelity (because it really channels my inner geek and because I really heart John Cusack and the earlier stuff he has done pre-2001)

That said, I realise Internet is truly my best mate. Till then, have a lovely Sunday.


A random but wonderful Sunday

Spent my entire weekend sleeping and indulging in good ol’ homecooked food (by my mum, not me obviously). By this Sunday afternoon, I felt like a bloated pregnant lady in her last trimester. Life couldn’t be better, could it?

Then I saw this note from Facebook. This could only be fun. It even said so: “Rules: Fill in the blanks! Continue the sentence that begins with ‘In’, ‘If’ & ‘When’. It’s fun!”

1. In case of a fire, I will stand around and panic for a bit before calling 995 or is it 999.

2. If I see a dead cat on the road, I will point the gruesome sight out to whoever’s lucky enough to stand next to me and avoid walking past it.

3. When I see an aeroplane coming to crash into my house, I will wonder briefly it would be my Donnie Darko moment.

4. In a fight, I want to be the innocent bystander cheering looking at the “contestants”. Or block my pretty face from the punches thrown. Unless there’s a hot chick for me to impress.

5. If I’m bored, I troll the Internet for videos of freaks doing freaky stuff.

6. When I’m in a relationship, I wonder incessantly if I’m doing the ideal partner bit right and if she is happy with me and how to keep expectations away.

7. In a relationship, the most important thing is to have some alone time from each other to keep things fresh but not use that as an excuse to go around each other’s back to flirt with other people whom you may or may not be attracted to. (Bad experience, I know.)

8. If a person of the opposite sex told me they love me, I would be amused and think if only I like you the same way.

9. When I’ve lost the person I love, I will undergo the moping process where the devastated me will sob and whine to my mates until they get sick of me.

10. In a jungle, insect repellent, toilet paper, food, water and a GPS phone will be key to those poor sobs’ survival while I watch them from the comforts of my couch.

11. If I’m alone & I see a person of the opposite sex crying alone, I would have a “should I or should I not?” moment, then walk away at the last minute.

12. When in the night and I see a fullmoon, I would never point my fingers directly at the moon for I fear a cut at the back of my ears. True story, I swear.

13. In life, I want to be happy doing what I do, whether it’s family, love, friends or work. I should also think less and do whatever I like more.

14. If I could be an animal, what would it be? A flying dinosaur! Snap and fly.

15. When it’s raining, I want to snuggle in my duvet and snooze with a nice movie playing in the background. It would also be nice to have someone by my side.

16. In this world, I care most about my next meal and how I feel about now.

17. If I became a milionaire, I will quit my job and be the author of New York Times’ next bestseller. Possibly be on Oprah’s book list too.

18. When I love someone, what do I always think of? How lucky I am to be here with her and if I should profess my love or wait another day.

19. In the toilet, I enjoy a long shower alone with my thoughts.

20. If I found out the person I love doesn’t even like me, I might contemplate spiralling down in a drunken stupor every night. But I’d most likely shrug and grieve in private instead.

21. When I grow up, I want to a famous writer with a bevy of hot girls by my side and legions of fans who fawn over my every word and happily together with someone who loves and wants me for who I am.


My version of Internet troubleshooting

My version of Internet troubleshooting 1) Yell at router 2) Whine at computer 3) Pray to Interweb Gods 4) Go sleep 5) Blog about it next day.

Here’s the roundup of some news around the world that both intrigued and sometimes even made me raise my eyebrows throughout the whole of March by the way:

Turns out that carton of fresh orange juice might not be that fresh after all. “The glass on the breakfast table is actually juice stored in tanks for long periods, then goosed with flavor packs to taste like fruit again,” says Alissa Hamilton.

Have you always knew window seats are not really all that awesome to die for? Now you’ve been proven right. They are fatal.

I was slightly creeped out but oddly intrigued by the modern day R&J couple who died together in the Swiss clinic suicide pact.

Want to recreate the visible brightness of the sun, in case of a severe blackout? You need an estimated number of 14,286,000,000 fireflies for that. And you can chew gum to reduce 12% of your anxiety levels during conditions of mild to moderate stress. (via Harper’s Index)

Turns out Shakespeare is quite the looker. Not the bald fat man I’ve always imagine him to be.

My Calvin and Hobbes are all grown up now. The poignancy of it made me smile.

This month, please give it up for W. Neil Berrett who quit by giving his boss a resignation letter made of cake. Response must have been tasty.

This picture of the bowling-pin shaped egg laid recently by a chicken totally cracked me up.

Freaky is when hitman with tattooed eyelids nearly made yesterday’s dinner come all the way up.

Do you have $2000 to spare? You can now buy the world’s cheapest car which costs as much as my notebook PC. Ten things you should know about Tata’s Nano.

And just for a wicked laugh, see 50 Animals Who Hate Baths. Enjoy.


Things that paralyse me

It’s not true you need a picture to convey the meaning of a thousand words. How do you think great authors came about eh? It’s certainly not by showing us 59 pages worth of pictures to tell a story. Words are useful. Very often, someone might just have right words to describe the exact emotion running through you.

“There are some paintings, sculptures, buildings, and cars whose designs are so visually striking that they’re paralyzing. You have to stop and look. You have to stop, look, touch, and maybe take a picture,” said Sitting Pugs in an earlier post on Lisa Loeb’s Stay.

Nine things which have that sort of paralysing effect on me:

1) Sunsets

2 Full moon at its peak of the lunar month

3) Great masters’ artwork

4) View from the top of the Austrian Alps

5) Happy contented baby

6) Clouded blue sky

7) Churches in Paris and Italy

8) Historical artefacts

9) You laughing at something I said

What’s yours?


99 things you should see before Internet explodes

Apparently there are 99 things you should have already seen on the internet. If you haven’t, you must be a loser or summat like that*. So someone named Greg Rutter** has kindly provided us with the definitive list of everything we should have seen on the Internet so far and here are some of the excerpts which I particularly like:

02) Charlie Bit Me
04) Dancing Baby
05) Post Secret
07) Mentos and Diet Coke
08) Numa Numa
36) Where The Hell Is Matt
55) The Pet Penguin
56) Ms. South Carolina Answers A Question
57) I’m F*#king Matt Damon
72) Asian Backstreet Boys
76) Sneezing Panda
84) Matrix Ping Pong
88) Ok Go – “Here It Goes Again”
97) Gay Referee
99) Reporter Gets A Fly In The Mouth

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Better things to do or watch? Let me know in the comments below.

*I can’t say old because that’s just being ageist and I’m better than that but using the word “loser”, yeh, there has be to a class divide somehow.

**Thanks, Greg! Here’s his site: http://www.youshouldhaveseenthis.com/ by the way.