Check Kate Moss out at Ritz Paris

Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci silk organza blouse with paillettes and crystals, silk knit tank, silk cady skirt with zipper detail, and crystal jewelry. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci gloves.

I clicked on this gorgeous pic of Kate Moss only because I saw “Johnny Depp” in the headline and I was curious to find out more. Both of them dated and had a torrid affair in the early 90s (I can’t be bothered to fact check. You can do it yourself). And it is always very satisfying to read gossip about celebrities.

Moss posed for photographer Tim Walker in a pictorial spread at the glamorous Ritz Paris for Vogue’s April issue and in the interview, she revealed her favourite memories at the storied hotel, which were hilarious.

  • On staying at the Ritz with her ex-boyfriend: “When I was with Johnny Depp, he always stayed there. I had an apartment in Paris at the time, but he said, ‘No, we’re staying at the Ritz,’ so he came by and swept me up to the Ritz – he didn’t want to slum it in my apartment!”
  • On walking in Versace’s show: “Gianni’s shows were amazing – and sooo convenient. Walk downstairs, go to work: Love that!”
  • On her favourite cocktail: “I drink the French 76: vodka, sugar, lemon juice topped up with champagne; it’s the best drink ever, but it only tastes like that in the Hemingway Bar. Colin [Field, Ritz Paris head bartender] made it for my wedding. It doesn’t taste at all strong – and then, whoa, whoops-a-daisy!”

Oh, the rest of the article is a very nice read as well. It was an lovely insight into the glamorous world of fashion shows and haute couture, and of course, a little history of Paris and the Ritz in the old days.

Another hilarious incident by André Leon Talley:

“My best fashion moment was in 1996, when Karl took over the entire first-floor Imperial Suite for his couture show, to observe the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mademoiselle Coco’s death. He had two shows that brisk January day, and between them Naomi Campbell, Shalom Harlow, and Kate Moss came to my room—a simple one with two armchairs and the bed in a neoclassical alcove—and took naps. Karl and I walked in to find them all lined up asleep under layers of fine piqué sheets, like fairy princesses, false eyelashes still in place.”


Total eclipse of my heart


On Saturday night, as we walked out of the cinema after being thoroughly tickled and amused by the Muppets (you should totally watch the movie if you’re a big childhood fan of them like me), I wondered why so many people were either looking at the sky or pointing their cameras at it. Usually I try not to follow the herd but I was curious. Then I saw it and it was amazing. (I also had to try really hard not to point at the moon to my friends because I fear getting cut behind my ears. True story.)

There was a gradient shadow creeping slowly across the unusually bright moon and like a movie played at extremely slow snail pace, we could see coppery red tinges filling up the sides. It was a total eclipse and the last one we would see until 2014.

From Wired Science:

“A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth slips between the sun and the moon, casting a long shadow on the lunar surface and darkening it. But sunlight filters in through the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, casting a reddish-orange glow on the moon. This light is a projection of all the sunrises and sunsets happening on Earth at this time, creating a spectacular cosmic show.”

I thought the last line of Wired’s explanation was beautiful. I love sunrises and sunsets and the idea that all of them were happening at the same time I was staring at the eclipse is intoxicating.

But my first thought that night was: “The moon is exceptionally beautiful tonight. Wherever you are in the world, we’d be under the same sky and looking at the same moon. Are you thinking of me as I am of you?”

Gosh, I’m so romantic that even I’d melt and fall in love with me if someone said that to me. RIGHT?

So were you there to see the perfect alignment of the moon, Earth and sun on Dec 10? What was your first thought?


Chocolate goodness


I love drinking hot cocoa, especially during rainy days where the skies are gloomy and the winds are biting.

It’s nice to hide out at a quaint, cozy cafe and enjoy the warmth from holding the cup of delicious frothy chocolate goodness. What’s even better is you get some fluffy marshmallows to dip into the drink and the yumminess that melts in your mouth after? Heaven.

And as you settle back in the comfortable couch, and as the hot drink warms you up, you look around you and you think to yourself: “This is life and it is awesome.”

And you turn around because someone is telling you something funny and you start laughing and you can’t stop. When you finally catch your breath, you give a witty reply back and the person laughs in return. You feel even more awesome and the smile on your face feels like it’s here to stay for a long, long time.


Inner peace


Po: “You’ve gotta let go of the stuff from the past because it just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.”

Po: “Ah… My old enemy… Stairs.”

During a duel with Shen the peacock…
Shen: “Who do you think you are, Panda!”
Po: “Who do you think I am, Peacock!”

Wise words, Po, wise words.

Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 have got to be among my favourite cartoons of all time. Po is simply hilarious.

I remember watching the sequel in late May this year and I laughed nonstop in the cinema. The characters were adorable, the lines were witty and the storyline was plausible and heartwarming.

There was also a twinge of sadness that kept me hooked. I teared at the scene when baby Po was put in a basket and sent down the river by his mother. Such a heartbreaking arc to the story. Then the scene where his dad Goose found him amid a bunch of vegetables made my heart melted. Baby Po looked so adorable!

And when he grew up, Po in his own bumbling, awkward, innocent and yet awesome way, manages to win over everyone’s heart, including Tigress’. I feel that there’s a bit a lot of Po in me and I can totally relate to him.

One of the best movies in 2011, I reckon.


Perfect weather



It was a lovely day, one of the most gorgeous days and weather I have ever experienced this year. I took these shots before I stepped out of the house today. The skies were clear blue, with chubby white fluffy clouds rolling past my window.

The trees were swaying, tickled by the passing cool breeze, which then travelled into my room, caressing my face gently before heading out the window again.

You could see the sun’s presence in every leaf, every glass pane, every reflection. Yet it was a lovely cool day.

Everything seemed so vibrant and brilliant at the same time. It was like someone decided to turn on HD TV and change the screen mode to a highest pixel resolution available.

It was a good day for a picnic, for a walk in the park, to people-watch at a quaint cafe, to play with other pets out enjoying the day with their owners, to have a quiet meal under the skies, to lie on the soft grass and fantasise about the future, to just chill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I have to say this city is pretty awesome. Where else in the world could you have lamb chops, wanton soup and steamed buns in one single meal? And to eat it under such lovely weather?

It was perfect. Thank you.


Lamb chops


Bet you couldn’t resist saying “play along” after the headline and now you’ve got an ear-worm in your head as the song keeps playing over and over and over again.

But just look at the heavenly ambrosia-like plate of nice juicy lamb cutlets and hot crispy potato wedges with a side of crunchy salad in the picture above. Even the brown gravy to complement the lamb was delicious down to the last drop.

Tell me you can resist that and I will show you a human who has yet tasted the best lamb cutlets ever.

I had it for supper on Saturday for the second time in my life and I can’t stop thinking about it until now. To think I only ate it for the first time a few weeks ago. My life was nothing before I met this dish. Nothing, I tell you.

Seriously. Everything about this dish is just so awesome. Look at it. If you were not a meat lover before, you ought to be now.

The meat is tender, with the right amount of juicy fats lacing the sides of the bone. You dip a piece of the meat into the succulent brown gravy. There is a slight tinge of smoky crispiness as you chew into it, letting the gravy swirl around.

I just made myself hungry.


The peeking sun


The next day after I had blogged about the beautiful sunset I saw last week, Mother Nature decided to give me another treat.

I was walking my usual route to work and I saw sun rays peeking out from some fluffy clouds. It was gorgeous and I didn’t even have to run the picture through any filter. Amazing, huh?

As I stood there admiring the natural beauty, I thought to myself: Wow, I’m lucky.

It’s moments like this that lets you appreciate the simple things in life.