LOL every day to keep all illnesses away





Photo credit: Distractify.com

The 28 Most Flawless Responses To A Wrong Number Text…LOL! (http://distractify.com/fun/fails/24-flawless-responses-to-wrong-number-texts/)


Photo credit: Distractify.com

The 35 Naughtiest Dogs On The Planet. You’ll Laugh So Hard When You See What They Did! (http://distractify.com/fun/fails/dogs-who-are-shamelessly-proud-of-what-they-just-did/)

Above are some of the funniest photos I’ve read in December 2013 and they are still funny in 2014. Both webpages are still open as tabs on my FireFox page. I can’t bear to close them just yet, because I still laugh whenever I read them again. And I’d laugh so hard that my stomach aches and my eyes tear. And since I’m a generous person, I am sharing them with you today, because I want you to laugh as heartily as I did. Haven’t you heard? Laughing really hard is equivalent to doing crunches and it’s more fun too. Fun and beneficial for health; what more can a rather lazy person ask for?

From the Telegraph UK (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/7635143/Laughter-really-is-the-best-medicine-as-doctors-find-it-can-be-as-healthy-as-exercise.html):

“… the high you get from a giggling fit was similar to the endorphin rush from exercise. … it can reduce your risk of a heart attack and diabetes and generally regulate the body’s vital functions.”

From the Discovery channel (http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/curiosity/topics/10-reasons-why-laughing-good-for-you.htm):

“… laughter improves blood flow, suppresses stress hormones and gives you a burst of exercise. … laughter has been shown to increase levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA), an important antibody that fights bacteria and infections, especially those in the respiratory system.”

Enjoy and spread the laughter!


Laugh at dogs that photobomb



I laughed, when I saw this pic last week, and I laughed again, when I saw it in my phone’s photo album today. The innocent expressions are so hilarious and I don’t think the dogs had any idea what was going on. Innocence is so adorable!

There’s a series of photos here that you can view and laugh to your heart’s content, though I have no idea how many of them were photoshopped (some you can blatantly see they are fake).

On Saturday, I was accosted by a McDonald’s in-house staff who was recruiting bystanders on the street to join the fast food giant. It was the company’s country-wide recruitment day and I happened to walk past the restaurant at 9:30am on my way to get coffee. Lucky me. She took my friendly smile and eye contact for consent to come forward to pitch to me how great working at McDonald’s would be for me.

Holding onto a piece of paper illustrating the hourly wages (which were not a lot) and the overtime pay (also not a lot) in one hand, while holding onto my arm with the other, she said it’s a fun environment and I would learn many things and it’d be a good way to occupy my time. In my mind, I was thinking I didn’t know I look so relaxed and unburdened by work stress. Or maybe I look jobless? Or in need of a distraction?

She added that if I join the company, I could easily rise up the career ladder to become a store manager of McDonald’s within one year, because I am young, plus I can read and write. She then gestured to her store manager who was standing nearby pitching to some middle-aged housewives, saying that she had learned the ropes and climbed up the ranks within a short time, so I shouldn’t be afraid to try the job out, because I look like I can achieve anything. Should I be flattered? Hahaha!

She then looked at me so earnestly that I nearly wanted to put my name down on her list to help her meet her target. She tried sweetening the deal by saying I could just put my name down on the list first and decline to come for the interview later. But I resisted, despite my overwhelming desire to help, because I know I shouldn’t waste anyone’s time if I’m not interested. Ahem. So take note, young job seekers out there.

I have to admit though, I’m keen to find out how McDonald’s recruits and selects its staff. So one day, I might just walk in to the restaurant to apply for a job to test its processes on fairness and effectiveness. So erm… Watch out! I might just “photobomb” your recruitment someday!


Past lovers


I’d like to think it’s true, since for some strange cosmic reason, I’m never friends with any of my exes. I tried once or twice and it didn’t work out well. Maybe they’re still in love with me, but I highly doubt it, because it’s more to do with me putting zero percent effort in staying in touch.

There are times when I can be so aloof and cold towards people I no longer have affection for that it’s scary for those who like me. Hell, I don’t even like the way I behave towards people sometimes. I can be so bewildering unemotional that I scare myself whenever I think about it.

My friend Erica once said this of me, which I’ve kindly summarised for you: “I’m so unpredictable that people are scared to be friends with me, because they never know when I will be hot or cold towards them. So even though they want to develop a friendship with me, I would never allow them to come close to me.”

One of my exes said something similar to me after an argument. She said I had a wall so high that when she tried breaking it down (or scale over), I kept findings ways to prevent her from doing so and one day she would eventually get tired of trying. Long story short, she did stop trying. That was mainly because I had a self-destructive streak in me which made me believe that I had to try all ways possible to make someone jump through blazing hoops to prove they truly love me and would never leave me, no matter what destructive behaviour I exhibit. Sick huh? I know. The 2013 me is a new and improved version of that 2008-9 defective me.

I had a similar conversation with this another girl who was truly in love with me (I think… Even though she was with someone else at that time), but the 2010 me refused to give her a proper chance, because I didn’t think she was right for me, so I subconsciously declined her advances. I mean, if she could cheat on her partner with me, the likelihood of her cheating on me when we do get together would be really high. First, I wouldn’t trust her and my insecurity would be obvious in my behaviour, which would have made things unpleasant between us. Plus, I wouldn’t want my karma debt to go further into deficit.

It’s weird how karma works, doesn’t it? How the things/misdeeds I did to others were repeated on me. Like I accidentally took this novel my ex-girlfriend loaned me because she wanted me to read one of her favourite books. Shortly after, we broke up and I never had a chance to return it to her. So it’s been on my bookshelf for the past four years and I still haven’t read a single page of it. Maybe I should message her on Facebook soon and see if I could post it back to her.

Why have I brought this up? Because the exact same situation happened to me recently. I loaned my favourite Kokology book to this former love of mine, because she loves it and I wanted to make her happy because I thought we’d be together forever. So in a way, I was renting it to her. Alas, we broke up months later and I never had the chance to get that book back.

Karma sucks. The end.

If two past lovers can remain friends, it’s either they were never in love or they still are.

I’m just going to console myself by thinking that all my exes are somehow in one way or another secretly in love with me, because through knowing and loving me I have inexplicably changed their lives for the better. I’m a life-changer. They just don’t know it yet.


You’ve got the sweetest ass in the world

When I first heard this line on the comedy ‘Wedding Band’, it made me laugh out loud and I immediately thought of an ass whom I’ve missed greatly. Maybe she will never know, but this is a cheeky tribute to her extremely fair, perky buttocks whose tender round cheeks I missed aiming a bite at.

Cheesy lyrics trying to rhyme, a catchy tune and pumping dance beats that you can shake your butt twice at… What’s not to love about this song?!

I hear your voice when none was around

I’m still here and I’m losing ground

Feel like the earth move under my feet

I feel you in every single heartbeat

You are a lovely, lovely refrain

You spin around and round in my brain

But today, mostly, I am feeling pensive and the weather has been reflecting my mood — dark clouds, heavy downpour, chilly winds — and watching romantic films like ‘Notting Hill’ (even though it’s also listed as a comedy) with quotes like below only makes it worse.

There’s this girl … She’s someone I just can’t — someone who … self-evidently can’t be mine — and it’s as if I’ve taken love-heroin — and now I can’t even have it again. I’ve opened Pandora’s box. And there’s trouble inside.

The truth is … with you, I’m in real danger. It’d look like a perfect situation, apart from that foul temper of yours — but my relatively inexperienced heart would, I fear, not recover if I was once again … cast aside, which I would absolutely expect to be … You’d go and I’d be … well, buggered, basically.

[Lyrics via http://www.lyricsforsong.net/]

[Script via Awesomefilm.com]


Tom Ford and Richard Buckley Forever

Tom Ford and the love of his life

I was researching the Internet for a marketing assignment I am doing when I came across this headline ‘Tom Ford is a father!’ and I immediately clicked on it. Obviously.

As it turns out, the feted fashion designer, 51, and his long-term partner Richard Buckley (pictured left, if you don’t know who Ford is), 64, has a new baby son recently. But that’s not the amazing part of the story. The most amazing part of it is that Ford has been in a relationship with Buckley for the past 25 years. That’s a relationship that is only slightly younger than me! How awesome is that?!

So I continued reading the article and it brought me to another link to where the original story was taken from: Out.com. And the recollections from Ford and Buckley on how they felt when they first saw each other, how they were both ready to settle down, fall in love, and how they are growing old together was so beautifully written that my eyes were moist by the time I finished reading it. I know, what’s up with my emotions the older I grow, right?! HAHA!

The couple met when Ford was just 25 (and a nobody then) and Buckley, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International, was 38. And how their love began and continues to stay strong is a heart-warming story.

Tom Ford, designer:
You can look at someone and feel like you’ve known him forever. The first night I ever had drinks with Richard I felt I knew everything about him…

We first encountered each other at a fashion show in New York in 1986. He was confident and handsome in a way that made him almost unapproachable. His stare was so intense that it completely unnerved me, and when the show was over I literally bolted out the door and down the street to avoid him.

Ten days later, my employer, Cathy Hardwick, sent me to the office of Women’s Wear Daily to retrieve some clothes. I was directed to the roof where they were being photographed, and as the elevator opened, there was the man with the eyes the color of water…

He was adorable, and he was a complete fool. He was sort of dancing around, flashing his eyes at me, and trying so hard to be charming. I decided in that elevator ride that I was going to marry him. I’m very pragmatic, and I was, like, OK, there’s some kind of connection here. He ticked every box, and — boom — by the time we got to the floor, I was like, OK, sold.

He seemed so together. He was so handsome, he was so connected, he was so grown-up, so he was very intimidating. And he really chased me — not that he had to chase that hard. It excited me but it also scared me, because I knew he was different and that whatever it was I felt with him was very different from what I’d felt before.

Now, we say it [I love you] to each other every night before we go to sleep, and we say it at the end of every telephone conversation, and we write it at the end of every e-mail. Every time you think, I love you, I really believe you have to say it. If you think about holding their hand or kissing them, you do it. I do it all the time.

Getting older together has been interesting because we’ve both changed. I was very quiet at the beginning of our relationship — I’m actually a very, extremely, almost pathologically shy person, which no one believes today, because I have also mastered a work/public façade that takes an enormous amount of energy to project. And Richard, when we first got together, was very, very social and very talkative.. but meeting us today you would think the opposite.

One of the things that always amuses me — amuses isn’t even the right word, because it doesn’t amuse me — but often, I’m at dinner parties with very close friends, straight, and they realize that Richard and I have been together 24 years, and the response is often, ‘Wow, you guys have been together 24 years! That’s so amazing. I don’t think of gay men being together that long.’ And I’m, like, ‘Why? What are you talking about?’ Some of the longest relationships I know of are same-sex couples. A lot of my straight friends have married and divorced and married and divorced in the time Richard and I have been together.

I’m someone who likes being part of a couple and always wanted that and always sought that, and it would probably be true for me whether I was gay or straight.

Richard and I are bound together, and I think that’s what that recognition is when you look someone in the eyes and you feel like you’ve known them forever. It is a kind of coming home.

Richard Buckley, writer:

The whole time down in the elevator I was babbling on like a schoolgirl… I was shamelessly flirting with this boy. He, meanwhile, said nothing, and the quieter he was, the sillier I became.

For our first date… Tom sat there chit-chatting: ‘And in 10 years I’m going to be showing my own collection in Paris, and I’m going to be a millionaire, and I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do that.’ And I kept thinking, This guy is really naive. But as we talked about other things, it was almost like seeing down a rabbit hole. I felt like I was looking at his eyes, and it was just spinning around and taking me down inside him. I could see he was a good man with a big heart.

I couldn’t imagine being without Tom now. I couldn’t imagine what I’d be like if something happened to him. There’s only one Tom for me. He is still that man who I met 24 years ago, who has a good heart.



Few days before Halloween…

Me: “I can go as an overworked employee. I hear it’s very popular these days.”

Friend: “Hahaha! Can I go as Agyness Deyne?”

Me: “You can go as Agyness Deyne’s armpit.”

Friend: “I wonder what Agyness Deyne’s armpit looks like.”

Me: “It’s a wonderland.”

Friend: “Hahaha! There are a couple of parties on Saturday. We could do that or we can just find a bar to sit at and laugh at people.”

Me: “We can party-hop and MOCK at people at the same time. We have safety in numbers.”

Friend: “You do realise we can mock each other. Haha!”

Me: “I don’t think I’d look scary enough.”

Friend: “I can give you dark rings and wrinkles. I can give you eye bags too.”

Me: “I am going for a scary look, not trying to look old here. I already have my natural dark rings and wrinkles! I don’t need any more eye bags on top of my natural ones!!”


On Saturday night itself…

Me (in costume): “There is a bunch of girls walking towards me and they are all in costume. There is Catwoman, Slutty Nerd, Slutty Zorro and other assorted slutty people. I feel very self-conscious for them and myself.”

Friend: “Hahaha! Take a pic with them.”

Me: “No, it’s embarrassing enough.”


Uno, dos, tres


There are three things you should know about me.

1. I love breakfast. I practically wake up thinking about eating breakfast or wondering what I should eat for breakfast or is there something I can eat while waiting to eat a nicer breakfast. Maybe I just wake up hungry all the time.

I love the idea of breakfast so much that I am willing to wake up early to prepare a nice sumptuous meal for myself (or for someone) or go to an exquisite cafe for brunch on weekends.

Nothing like a hot cup of coffee and an omelette (filled with ham, mushrooms and cheese) with nicely fried bacon to kickstart your day. (See picture above.)

I also love hotel international buffet breakfasts. The sheer variety of food and cuisines I get to sample in the morning makes me so happy I practically skip from my hotel room to the buffet spread in the restaurant.

Breakfast is, after all, the king of the meals and the most important meal of all since it’s your first meal of the day so if you get your first meal right, then you’re getting off to a superb start to the rest of your day. Agree?

I just love breakfast so much I wish I could eat it three times a day. And just the thought of eating breakfast already makes me happy, which brings me to the second thing you should know about me.

2. I like laughing and having fun. I am always up for an adventure or doing something different and exciting or out of the norm.

Tell me you want to try something new and you want me to come along, I’d be the first one standing beside you, all raring to go (even if I had tried it before). I am very enthusiastic like that. It helps that I’m very easygoing.

Likewise, I would be thinking of new adventures to go on and new places to try or new things to do or talk about so we will always have so much fun and laughter together.

What gets me more excited and absolutely bubbling with joy is when the person is as equally enthusiastic as I am. Together, we can rule the world.

3. The third thing about me is that I never think the worst of anyone I meet or know or even once knew. I know of people who would immediately assess any new person they meet and confidently decreeing that they are either good/bad/someone to be wary of/probably this and that type. You know, those who would calculate everyone’s motives so they can play this elaborate three-step ahead chess game.

Me? I’d probably say hi and try to have the usual small talk while my mind wanders off to what I should have for breakfast.

And when someone tells me so-and-so was not nice or did something unexpectedly bad, it usually comes as a shock to me because I always assume that everyone is genuine. Yes, I am the sort who would embrace (metaphorically) a person’s qualities and ignore the flaws and all.

I hardly talk bad behind people’s back or indulge in gossip. I mean sure, I do get annoyed and have occasional run-ins or disagreements with people about work or service standards or opinions and I would bitch about them to my friends to understand why would people behave differently from me but I have never once thought bad of anyone.

Even if my friends said these people deserve to rot, I’d always play the devil’s advocate and find reasons for their behaviour so I won’t fault them. Maybe I’d feel bad for them. Mostly, I’d be objective.

My friends say I am too nice, too naive, too empathetic, too silly and the world is not as kind as I had imagined it to be.

And bit by bit, I learn to stay away from people who are maybe not good for me and to be wary of similar behaviour in the future. I am, after all, too nice to be true and I need to toughen up.

So that’s it. Here are three things I thought I’d share with the world wide web this morning. Now… I know I just had breakfast three hours ago. But what should I eat later?


Our home away from home


It is a sunny late afternoon last month when we first arrived at the serviced apartment. At first, we could not locate it since it is nestled behind two main roads. It was indeed a hideaway from the bustling shopping and entertainment belt downtown.

Three imposing towers loomed over us as we walked into the first tower. The main lobby was well-lit and furnished with modern art sculptures and paintings. As we walked across to the second tower to check in, there were three swimming pools surrounded by the towers with pavilions flanking the pathway.

Walking into the cosily-lit lobby, a refreshing scent of osmanthus welcomed us while the staff on duty greeted our arrival with smiles. The lobby was decked out with modern art, luxurious couches, plush rugs and a contemporary ambience. Impressed, we spoke in hushed tones, fearing that we might disturb other occupants who were streaming through the doorway. Most were families, heading out to spend the remains of their Saturday.

Our guest service relation officer then brought us to the two-bedroom apartment that was to be our home for the next three days. It is in TWO WORDS – tastefully furnished.

Our future house

Let’s start with the living room. Clean cool colours outline the dark wood furniture, accessorised with quaint art pieces. You get to put your feet up in comfort in front of the entertainment system, complete with large flat screen TV, over 30 cable TV channels and a DVD player (pity we didn’t bring some movies along).

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a toaster, an electric kettle, a gas stove, a refrigerator, cooking utensils and eating cutlery. But really, it was the presence of the rice-cooker that impressed us most. Mainly because it took us by surprise as we had assumed most Caucasians expatriates would not have rice (a main staple of Asians) as part of their home dining plans.

There is a washing machine, ironing board and even laundry powder. In short, the apartment has all the things that make our lives a lot easier.

While the welcome gift basket (unheard brands of cup noodles and cakes, Ritz crackers, and Cadbury hot chocolate sachets) was a slight let-down when you have been given a visual feast of delights, knowing the entire place is fitted with free wireless internet more than made up for it. We could also use the cordless phone for free local calls or call the concierge for help.

Every room, bar the kitchen, is equipped with air-conditioning (something she really likes since she thinks she is always hot. Yes, all pun intended). Clean colours once again pervade the stylish master bedroom with dark wood furniture pieces surrounding the white king-sized bed. The second bedroom had two single beds which she immediately attempted to lock me in, taunting, “This room is yours! You belong to the kids’ room. The master bedroom is mine!”

Shower facilities are exactly what you would find in a five-star hotel. But we were asked to not to turn the water heater off because we would have to wait 20 minutes for the water to heat up. Over the next few days, we could also hear plumbing noises in the morning when the tenants above us used the bathroom. Weird.

Yummy meal time

It was 4ish and we haven’t had lunch so we cooked our first meal at the apartment. We had brought some instant noodles and cooking ingredients, fully anticipating our first of the many home-cooked meals together. We changed into more comfy clothes like, oh I don’t know, sexy pyjamas. She cooked spicy noodles, fried Taiwanese sausages while I made Ritz crackers with tuna paste mayonnaise and hot chocolate for her and tea for me. You know what, watching our favourite Discovery channel while eating a meal cooked by her was freaking awesome.

At around 5.30pm, someone slipped an envelope under the door which made us felt like we were in reality show “America’s Next Top Model”. It was a personalised welcome note that really made us think this serviced apartment truly values its guests’ comfort.

At 5.45pm, we headed out to get groceries for dinner. Although the map tells us we were only a stone’s throw away from the train station, we felt more assured when the helpful concierge pointed us to the right direction. We took the bus downtown and ended up in Cotton-On where we purchased some clothes for her. We then went to the supermarket, trying to stick to our mental shopping list without going over-budget.

And it was dinner time. She fried beehoon with “gong wans”, Taiwanese sausages and leafy vegetables. Internet, when we settled back with our gigantic plates of noodles in front of the TV, it was the first time we took more than an hour eating. She even went off halfway to take a poop before returning to eat. Which made me laughed. When she told me her mother would frown on her doing that, I laughed even harder. Yes, I thought that was adorable of her.

Oh, we had home-made mango pudding for dessert too. And it was my first time seeing her eat a mango. Just thinking about it now made me smile. Non-stop.

Sunday fun

The next morning, we were keen to try our hands at cooking breakfast. As it turned out, you can’t really fry hashbrowns, French toasts, baked beans and streaky bacon without incurring the wrath of the smoke detector. That made for an awkward 15 minutes of loud beeping in a very smoky kitchen and frantic calls to the concierge at 10am.

But when all the hoo-ha was over, it was the BEST breakfast WE had ever had. Sometimes I’d fantasise about eating it all over again during the days when I haven’t seen her in a while.

At 1.30pm, we were all set to head to the pool but we were unsure if we should bring towels or water down so we called concierge to check. Turned out we had to bring our own because a serviced apartment’s similarities to hotels can only be stretched this far.

It was a typical Sunday, with many kids splashing in the three pools. One even had a snorkel on even though the pool is 1.2-metre high. If you want to test your potential as an Olympic swimmer, there is a 60-metre lane for you to do just that.

We took 15 minutes to wade into the pool. The water was freeeeeeezing even in the day. When we finally made it into the pool, we swam under the cascading waterfall a couple of times. She thought it was fun. I was too busy keeping my nipples under control.

After a while, we tanned ourselves on outdoor deck chairs. The cheery vibe was infectious. One can really get used to this lifestyle.

An hour later, we went to the gym, which was one of the highlights of our stay. With everyone is out in the pool, it was a great experience having the gym to ourselves for an hour. It was also our first time exercising on the treadmill together. It was, as she said, “fun” even though I felt like I will never ever catch my breath again. It was adorable though to see her trying out all the weight machines one by one and leaving her sweaty thigh stains on the seats. She’d “humph” at me if she reads this.

We carried our aching sweaty bodies up to have a late lunch of pizzas. Ooh there was also some trouble with the washing machine. But it got fixed and she is great at doing laundry, just so you know while I am excellent at cleaning up and washing dishes.

We then baked blueberry muffins together. They turned out almost perfect – nice, soft and fluffy like all good muffins should. Although it was a little salty because we used salted butter to grease the baking tins, they tasted delicious. She did, however, said my body looked like the muffins, at which point, I rolled my eyes at her and pouted.

Dinner was really salty so the less said about it, the better. But I like that she kept praising the vegetables I cooked and how she loved salty dishes. That really made me happy even though I know she was inwardly dying of thirst! What a girl!

Of course, there was wine and ice cubes and more TV and some fun and games. But any more details, you’d have to clean your ears.

Monday morning

We were awake by 8.30am, eager to try out the buffet breakfast. Maybe we should have continued sleeping. When we walked into the dining lounge at 9am, it was already crowded with families and working professionals. The buffet had a limited spread with typical international fare like sausages, hardboiled eggs, salad, stale toasts, cereal and baked beans. Hardly sumptuous. The only saving grace was the coffee.

We found seats next to a friendly middle-aged Indonesian Chinese couple. The frequent travellers were chatty and the wife kept asking us about the various properties in the city. I like how friendly and sociable my girl was even though she was probably not keen on chatting. It made me love her even more.

By 10am, we were back at the apartment, thinking of cooking blueberry pancakes, noodles and kaya toasts for lunch. We spent time playing Words With Friends, watching Discovery Home, chilling out and generally enjoying the comfort of each other’s company until it was check-out time.

If we had to summarise the past few days of the urban weekend getaway, I’d say we complement each other very well in every possible way, from cooking, to cleaning, to shopping, to washing, to showering, to sleeping, to watching TV, to having fun, to exercising, to eating, to sleeping. Seriously, we are just too lovable together.


I’m on the top of the world

When it comes to post-sex cuddling for many couples, singing children’s melodies while gently patting a lover’s back is not an obvious choice that comes to mind.

But late into the evening on a lazy Saturday in a suburban part of a city still recovering from the Diwali public holiday’s hangover, a devoted lover was singing a medley of popular children songs at her lover’s request.

Who would have thought a 1970s Carpenters tune would turn up as both, with legs intertwined with one another’s on a huge comfy bed, cheerfully started singing with gusto into the cool air-conditioned air?

“I’m on the top of the world,” she sang. There was a slight pause as she struggled to remember the next line. Her lover looked up from the lazy slumber she was drifting into under the gentle kneading on her aching shoulders and carried on from there. “Looking down on creation, and the only explanation I can find, is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around. Your love’s put me at the top of the world.”

And last weekend, the lyrics just about sum that 24 hours up. Maybe even the last six months.

How do two people stay in love and be ridiculously happy with each other? Perhaps it’s having fun when spending time together.

Lying in bed posing for random shots together and watching video clips they made together for each other over and over again that day, the lovers were laughing uncontrollably at how silly and adorable they are around each other.

They still talk about themselves, their past, their present, the future, their likes and dislikes or things they watch on TV. They still have long conversations online and over the phone about their day, sometimes during work hours or into the wee hours of the night. There is always so much to talk to each other about. They are beginning to share more of their worries, their fears, and even their secrets. They still laugh a lot, sometimes at one another, but mostly together at random things in life.

Whenever they catch each other’s eyes now, they would reach out for a kiss on the lips, instead of looking away shyly.

They would spend too much time looking at their photos, reading their emails, thinking about the days spent together and the hilarious things they would do that make them grin stupidly. Most of all, they would look forward, sometimes impatiently, to see each other.

The nights and days become precious as they find little pockets of time to spend with each other. When they part, it was still with a smile. But filled with much longing for the next time that they should meet again.

Life has remained charmingly comfortable as their lives intertwine. Spending hours at the local grocery store where everything was priced at $2 was something they both enjoy doing together. Or they would make lists of the food they want to eat and fix dates to do just that – eat. Sometimes it was desserts, sometimes, it was a local delicacy, sometimes it was a snack. Recently, it had been Sri Lankan crabs soaked in salted egg yolk gravy.

The sense of comfort they have with each other was again something hard to put a finger to. Maybe the stars really did align their thoughts long before they even knew each other.

Then one day, on a whim, she decided to send a bouquet of flowers as a surprise. They were going to see each other during the weekend and she knew it was going to be another awesome time together. She sent a note along with the flowers that said, “I E T T Y A T S A E O E V M!”

A message that still lingers true from the first time she cracked the code in someone’s diary entry, “I T E T T H A T E A S O E”.

Were two people to stay happily in love, would it be because they have found someone who make them laugh all the time, who keep them warm in bed, who enjoy sharing a meal, snacks or even secrets with them, and who are comfortable spending time together?

Is this bliss?

Because… I’m on the top of the world, baby. I hope you are too.


It has only just begun

I had a great Saturday. I hope you had a great Saturday too. Otherwise you could just read about my Saturday and live your life vicariously through mine because the truth is I had many awesome Saturdays the last few weeks. HA! You’re welcome. Surcharges apply. Obviously.

Now let’s see which Saturday I should start with. How about somewhere in mid last month?

I woke up really excited at 9am on that Saturday because I made a grand long elaborate plan to surprise her since a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to bring it to fruition. Ok wait, I just checked my notes and it said I started planning since 9 May. Woah, am I a good long-term planner or am I a geek. No need to answer that, thanks.

I had a checklist of items which I purchased most of them on Friday since they were either props or food items that I had to keep as fresh as possible. Of course, I replayed the entire scenario in my head and everything went exceedingly well, if I may say so myself. But smugness tends to get kicked by reality. Often in a hard and agonising way. I’ve gotten you hooked now, haven’t I? Can’t wait to laugh your head off, can you?

It was only until that Saturday morning when I realised I forgot to inform someone of the time and place to meet. *facepalm*

See, Internet, I’m never a grand master at the great romantic knock ‘em dead strategy. So I was sweating it out, waiting for her to wake up while anxiously wondering if the weather would remain as fine as it was then. It took me a few (six) hours but I managed to coax someone out of bed and out the door. I was a picture of calm really the entire time I was pacing from my place to the nearby shopping mall and back because I was confident that we would make it in time for another event we were supposed to attend later that evening.

Okay fine, I was hyperventilating between cancelling the – by now, failing – surprise for her and cancelling out on my mates. Plus, I didn’t know who I could call for advice in such short notice. So yes, the world was this close to seeing me self-combust into a ball of flames. The sweltering heat wasn’t helpful to my train of thoughts either—-AHHHHHH!

In future, this blog post is going to be a very useful template for you poor sods out there trying to be romantic.

When she arrived, I swore she looked unhappy even though she bit her lip in denial. Let’s just say proper, and even lengthy, updates from me has been a constant for us ever since. Also, an ice cream does small wonders to the simmering atmosphere.

Then, we finally arrived at the park, no thanks to my poor sense of direction and map-reading skills. I realised I have to go out more often because I was the only one who haven’t been to that park. I was secretly like, oh man, I should have done my research properly or why couldn’t I think of better places to go or WHY DID I EVEN THINK THIS WAS A GREAT IDEA.

Still, there was no time for me to make any last minute changes because I was feeling almost dejected by then. The only thing left for me to do was to go bravely on and hope my awesomeness will take over by instinct and make our day all better again. Yes, when in doubt, be awesome, I always say.

As I unloaded the props – a kite, a reel for the kite, the food, a mysterious heavy bag – out of the car, she looked more cheerful by then. I hope. We found a spot, quiet enough, for the voices in my head to argue among themselves about the items in the bag. We talked, ate our sandwiches and that’s when I ignored the voices and said, “Hey, I brought drinks.” And out came a bottle of dessert wine because she said she likes how it’s sweet when we were at her mate’s house. I was blushing really hard by then because I have practised this in my head and my performance was flawless until I had to do it IRL (In Real Life). She would later describe me as sheepish. She wasn’t far off.

After an eternity had passed, I sheepishly asked, “How’s your sandwich? Would you like to have another snack?” And out came a tub of blueberries because she was thinking about them few days ago. I was dying of embarrassment by then, having not done such stuff in a very long while. There was a box of After Eight mint chocolates too because we talked about it once.

Of course, we didn’t manage to fly the kite eventually because there was a lack of open space. But the view at where we sat was splendid.

At the end of everyday

You guys, the sunset we saw that day made me felt like it has just begun. Do stay on for the journey we are going on because it’s going to be fracking awesome.