Minnie the moocher

I love this song! This has been on my nighttime playlist for the past one week. I love the tune, the trumpet and the chorus — basically how the music is arranged. The 1930s were a great era for jazz music. While electronic genre is my all-time favourite, jazz is high up among my top three list. I used to buy jazz CDs back then when CDs were all the rage. How I wish I could travel back in time and visit The Cotton Club in all its pomp and glory. Ho de Ho de Ho! Hi de hi de Hi! He de he de he!

Wonderfully catchy. I still have no idea what the great Cab Calloway is singing about though. I’m too busy twirling around the room to this song to figure the lyrics out. It’s such a perfect ditty for Sunday (or any other day), isn’t it?

This reminds me of the Golden Age that Woody Allen featured in his movie Midnight in Paris. That’s one of my favourite films of all time too. It has great cinematography, lighting, music, a whimsical storyline and, most importantly, nearly all my favourite artists and writers of the era. It also has a killer soundtrack to boot.

I’ve always wanted to travel back in time to experience all the glories (or tragedies) and great moments that make history what it is today. Since young, I’ve always thought I belong to another era and would feel more at home in the olden days. I guess that’s why I love history and films about historic periods. And that’s why I love Midnight In Paris; it was as though Woody read my mind and brought my character as Gil to life.

All this nostalgia is making me wanna watch the film again. Be right back!


Listening: Sink by Tanga

This song was my most repeated track on the playlist two weeks ago.

Ok, the cover might look erotic. Well, the album is called “Erotic Lounge Vol. 4 – CD02”. Ahem.

I don’t know much about the artiste Tanga who performed the song Sink but I enjoy listening to it. Absolutely love the tune and the way it makes me feel when I commute to and fro from work. The second the music plays I’d feel a sense of calmness seeping in and I go all fuzzy over because it’s such a chill-out song. Something I badly needed the past three weeks.

Can’t believe it was released six years ago. It doesn’t sound dated or anything close to being irrelevant, unlike some sugary overplayed pop songs the radio keeps churning out.

“You don’t have to reach far for the power. You don’t have to rise to the top. You can sink into the narrowest part of your heart.”

Yes, this is definitely one of my favourite tunes of the year: