A kiss between two cute girls


These two girls are so incredibly cute together. I so want to see them together forever. Yes, even though they are just high-school kids who are probably susceptible to mood swings/fickleness/indecisiveness about love and their partners and have yet to enter the real adult world, Glee’s Santana and Brittany are the cutest ‘Lebanese’ couple in TV-land and I just can’t get enough of them. They give me so much hope. Seeing them make out is alluringly hot as well. Ahem.

Here’s a little heartfelt moment of how deep their love runs for each other and why they are meant to be together no matter what from Glee season 2, episode 15 “Sexy”:

Santana: I wanna be with you, but I’m afraid of the talks and the looks. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school.

Brittany: But honey, if anybody were to ever make fun of you, you would either kick their ass or slash them with your vicious, vicious words.

Santana: Yeah, I know, but I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. Still, I have to accept that I love you. I love you and I don’t want to be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. Please.

Brittany: Of course, I love you. I do. And I would totally be with you if it weren’t for Artie.

Santana: Artie.

Brittany: I love him too. I don’t wanna to hurt him. That’s not right. I can’t break up with him.

Santana: Yes, you can. He’s just a stupid boy.

Brittany: But it wouldn’t be right, Santana. You have to know if Artie and I were to ever break up, and [if] I’m lucky enough and you’re still single…

Santana: Don’t.

Brittany: I am so yours. Proudly so.

So hot. Right?

They are each other’s best friend and they understand each other better than anyone else do. I love how they are always together, always holding hands, cuddling, glancing at each other with a knowing smile and showing little signs of affection with each other.

Brittany even told Santana that she loves her more than she has loved anyone else in the whole world. And she is a very supportive girlfriend who would always try to help Santana achieve her dreams in her naive, slightly airhead way.

Santana, on her part, would defend Brittany to the hilt whenever anyone tried to criticise or bully her. She also turns gentle whenever they are together. Santana told Brittany that in her sophomore year she would sit at the back of the choir room and secretly watch Brittany. She would count the number of times Brittany smiled at her and died at the days she didn’t. How sweet huh?


Brittany: Someday, I’m gonna marry Santana.
Santana: *smiles*


They look so sweet together—a perfect combination of sexy, wild and cute at the same time. And I love how their friends are so supportive of them.

I especially love the part when Brittany pulled Santana’s arm out of her jacket, just so she could hold her hand. It just seems so natural and genuine. Swoons.

How incredibly hot if they were to be together IRL?! I might just faint.

Here’s a compilation YouTube video of their best moments together:

Here’s an even better compilation video of the trials and tribulations Santana and Brittany had to go through to be better: http://youtu.be/tSEr4ch4Pi0

Wow, okay, I have to stop now, before my crush for Brittana/Santittany turns obsessive. Then again, there will always be more obsessive fans than me on the Internet. So I’m safe. Hahaha!

Image credits: Santana and Brittany celebrate Valentine’s Day, Santana and Brittany making out and Santana and Brittany share a kiss.


Love when you’re ready


Are you a fan of one of my favourite shows this season? Well, you should be. If not, you better start watching Californication soon, because it fucking blows your mind. Quite literally at times, with the amount of swear words, drugs, sex, roll and rock and decadence and debauchery the producers can provide in an 30-minute episode.

I love this particular season finale Season 6, episode 12 of Californication: “I’ll Lay My Monster Down”. It was a mixed bag of emotions—some warm, sweet and lovely, some heartbreaking and forlorn because of unrequited feelings and unresolved issues.

Atticus Fetch: The woman that you love is out there and you know you can’t have her. How do you even get up in the morning?

Hank Moody: Well, the booze is always helpful, and so is the art. Everything that I write is either for her or about her. So I’m with her, even when I’m not.

Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

This scene reminded me of the times the numerous blogposts I wrote and have unknowingly dedicated to this particular someone I fell in love with the past three years.

Maybe we are not meant to be together in this lifetime, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about her or wondering what might have been. I’ve just managed to block her out of my mind for the time being, but I know that the second I allow the dams to burst, everything will come rushing out. So I keep all my thoughts hidden under a sea of calm, hoping that my memory will soon be erased (wishful thinking, I know, but you’d be amazed how time can dilute your memory). Maybe after a while, I wouldn’t even remember that this person once existed in my life.

I guess this is why I feel like I’m in a daze sometimes—lost and adrift in the middle of the sea—trying to find an anchor (or an idyllic island paradise) in my life. Do I really want to love someone again? Am I ready to let someone into my life again? These are questions I have no answers to.

Maybe that’s why I thought the quote above is apt for today.

Love when you’re ready; not when you’re lonely.


When to date again


I was feeling desolate since this afternoon after reading something and I was in desperate need of some heartfelt advice and counselling and maybe a motivational speech. You know, I really don’t need people to drive me crazy; I can do all that perfectly well myself. So I need all the help I can get.

Then came salvation in the form of a TV show, which is a comedy about learning to cope with grief, of all places.

In season one of Go On, lead character Ryan King starts off the episode by saying: “If you’ve been hurt, how soon is too soon to get back in the game?”

Even though he continues talking about athletes with sports injuries and their comeback, he was clearly referring to getting back into the dating scene again.

Ryan finally realises he’s ready to date again, even though he misses his late wife. He feels ready, because he misses being with a woman and hates being alone.

But along the way, there are signs that said Ryan shouldn’t be dating just yet, even though he thinks and says he’s ready. In actual fact, he’s not completely ready, because he still hasn’t let the love of his life go — he’s still holding on to memories of her and momentos they shared. Sad, pathetic, but true.

When it comes to dating someone new after a heartbreak or the loss of a loved one, no one can tell you when you should date again; only you can. Everyone is different; we cope with pain differently and, most importantly, we each heal differently.

As George, his partially blind therapy group mate, said when Ryan asked him for advice on starting afresh:

“People think life is short. Nah, life is long. The next right thing will come to you. Let it. Just be ready.”

You know you’re still in a bad shape, when you’re thinking of someone even in your dreams.


Perfect for each other


I laugh so much (and often out loud) whenever I watch Friends. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched an episode from the series but I’d still laugh at the same funny moments over and over again. And there are sweet scenes in the show that’d make my eyes well up at times.

The most recent episode that made me go “awwwwww” and tear up like a baby was when Phoebe and Mike are saying their vows to each other in The One With Phoebe’s Wedding (season 10, episode 13).

Phoebe: “When I was growing up, I didn’t have a normal mom and dad or a regular family like everybody else, and I always knew that something was missing. But now that I’m standing here today, I know that I have everything I’m ever gonna need … You are my family.”

[She puts the ring on Mike’s finger.]

Mike: “Phoebe, you’re so beautiful. You’re so kind, you’re so generous. You’re so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure, and I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I can’t wait to share my life with you forever.”

[He puts the ring on Phoebe’s finger.]

Phoebe: “Oh wait, oh I forgot … and uhm … I love you … and you have nice eyes.”

Mike: “I love you too.”

And the happy couple live happily ever after. Sometimes the story that a movie or TV show depicts is so inspiring and heartwarming that it fills me with hope and happiness for the future. I can’t wait for my turn to find my soulmate who’d be perfect for me in almost every way and we’d laugh every day because we know how lucky we are to have found each other.


Why I like you


“I’m such a mess. Why do you even like me?” she asks.

There is a pause but not a long one. She braces herself but does not expect the answer she would receive.

“I am constantly amazed by the things you say, entranced by the things you do… and you’re easy on the eyes. If we’re together long enough, I hope that one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you.”

And that’s how I have always felt about you. Ever since we met the first time for a bak kut teh dinner and crepe dessert after, followed by a hot chocolate drink. And a long walk home under the moonlight. A stopover at my place for the jar of Manuka honey. Supper of roti prata. All accompanied by endless conversations. (Still one of my favourite blog posts ever.)

Because, hon, it is really that simple…

“When you meet the right person, you know it. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re your best friend… and your soulmate. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. No one and nothing else can compare.”

More than two years later, I still feel the same. Do you?

[Quotes via How I Met Your Mother Season 7: Episode 10: “Tick, tick, tick”]


That feeling you can’t deny

Few weeks ago, I watched the latest season of How I Met Your Mother (Season 7/Episode 01: The Best Man) on TV and there were two particular scenes that made me ponder about what I think I have with someone. I wanted to post the quote on Twitter but I thought it deserves a longer blog post.

The whole gang was at a wedding and Lily realised that Robin still had feelings for Barney and she was troubled by how she felt. So she said to Robin:

“It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s chemistry… You and Barney have the kind of chemistry that just doesn’t go away.”

Later Barney decided to call Nora to tell her how he felt about her:

“The reason I called is to tell you how I feel about you. I know we didn’t work out the first time and I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together. Is there any part of you that wants to try again?”

Two different scenes but both were about the same topic: chemistry and that feeling of belonging together.

Weird huh? How sometimes you feel so strongly that there is this special person who fills a big part of your life and fits you perfectly and you will never feel the same without the same person around. Because you are so used to being the maker of her day, creator of her rainbows, bringer of smiles to her face and the sunshine in her life and so on. And you are so sure that both of you belong together and so certain that you will be one of those very happy couples that people will look enviously at. Hahaha.

I have felt this way about someone for the longest time. It was this strong sense that we are intricately linked together somehow and our lives share this bond that we can’t shake off, no matter how we try to deny it. If you read my blog posts since the beginning of 2010 till now, you’d realise how I felt then is still how I feel now. Weird huh.

Maybe this is what “we are meant to be” means.


I need more Dirty Sexy Money!

I am serious. Having watched the season finale of this cancelled show means the cliff-hanging climax will be a very very lasting one for me. A network which create fantasies using tv as a medium for common folk should never be allowed to taunt people like that. Travesty. “HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?”

Where on earth am I supposed to get the required dose of this scandalous insane somewhat morally corrupt richest family in New York now?

And, you should be a DSM druggie too because the sextape scene below says so.