Things I want to do with you


Oh, the things I wanna do with you!

Hey there, beautiful. What’s it like in New York City? (For some reason, this song popped into my head out of nowhere.)

I want to sit in a cozy cafe with you and share our life stories, plus all the interesting and funny stuff we saw while drinking our favourite coffees together. Milk and no sugar for me, please.

Let’s take silly pictures and videos in bed making funny faces, Voldermort noses and crazy poses. And watch movie marathons on weekday afternoons so we can laugh ourselves silly while eating the food we sneak into the cinema. Maybe we can bring a small bottle of muscato to share too.

We can go for long walks in a beautiful park or on the beach. And play on the swings if they have and record videos of us laughing till our tummies ache and we can’t breathe. Maybe even bring the dogs along and have a picnic.

I want to play “name that 80s/90s song” game with you, go to the karaoke bar and let you cringe at me singing out of tune, and dance along to music videos with you. I want to hear all the latest songs you have been listening to and watch you hum their nice tunes.

We can hold hands while we sleep, wake up to see the sunrise and find a lovely spot to watch the sun set. Just like in a private villa. Just me and you.

I want to travel to new places with you so we can explore new cultures, taste new cuisine and eat hotel breakfast together. Imagine all the exciting adventures out there waiting for us.

Best of all, I want to do everything on the list with you over and over again. Because…

‘They click in ways even they can’t pinpoint. But from the moment they meet, they know there is something special there.’

Ever felt like that about someone? That’s how you’d feel if you knew me because you won’t be able to get me out of your head. Haha!